David Archuleta MySpace Blog: Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Guys! Just wanted to say that I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!! We were in New York this week, and I had a blast! Yesterday was the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and that was really exciting. I was on the Green Dog float, and there were tons and tons and tons of people on the sides. It was pretty chilly too, but I heard that it was a really nice day compared to previous years haha. I bundled and layered up as much as I could though. I sang Crush near the end, and a couple of songs played during our time going down the streets. And there’s a mouse in here. Sorry I know that was random, but I can hear it wandering around and it keeps squeaking. I didn’t think there would be mice here but I guess there are… But anyway. Some kids from the PBS show Fetch were on my float too, and they were really nice kids. I also got to meet a bunch of other people who were in the parade, and it was really great getting to meet and talk with them. Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly was there too, and it was really cool to see and talk to her again. The sad thing is that I didn’t have my camera or phone with me, so I didn’t get to take my own pictures. Someone that worked there was nice enough to let me borrow their camera though before the parade started and I took pictures on my float, and on the Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends float! I know I’m such a dork but that’s my favorite cartoon lol. I was so excited to see it because it wasn’t too far behind me. But they were going to send me the pictures sometime soon.

The night before Thanksgiving, my mom and I went to see the musical In The Heights, and it was pretty much PHENOMENAL. It is seriously like one of my favorite musicals now. It was great that my mom was able to come to this particular musical too because it’s full of Latin music. So we had a great time with that, and also got to meet some of the cast members from it. I definitely recommend it if you ever get the chance to see it! The cast from the musical was also in the parade and did a number. Oh, the night before we saw the musical, my mom and I watched Twilight. I never read the books but a bunch of my friends are really into it, and the movie’s been getting a bunch of hype so we decided to go see it. I actually really liked it. The weird thing is when we walked into the theater Crush was playing so we walked back out because it was so weird haha. But anyway my blogs always get insanely longer than I intend for them to be, so I’ll end for today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

P.S. It was really fun to see all the signs you guys made during the parade! haha

Songs for the day: Decode – Paramore (From the Twilight Soundtrack) It shows just how great of a singer Hayley is.


~ by archuletafanscene on November 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “David Archuleta MySpace Blog: Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. How I love David’s Blogs!! He really let’s us in on his days…so glad that Lupe got to spend time with David..how special for her! Oh and the mouse..too funny!

  2. awe – I just love this young man
    — yet again he ends up promoting something else – actually several other things and not himself.
    How perfectly “dorky” that he walked out of the theater – waiting for Crush to be over with.

  3. Hey David — Dorky is the new Cool!

  4. David is a real earthbound Angel, he puts everything else in front of himself, even a mouse too gets a mention too in his blog hahahaha lucky critter that one!
    Love ya David! (^_^)

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