David Archuleta joins the Osmond’s 2nd Generation on Stage


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The Osmond’s 2nd Generation ring in the holidays along with David Archuleta. Scott Osmond, along with Michael, Nathan, Doug, David, John and Tyler performed Nov 29th at the Capital Theater in Salt Lake City, Utah., for their second annual “A Family Christmas With the Osmonds 2nd Generation” show.

“We all make sure we’re in Utah at Christmas time,” Scott Osmond said in a telephone interview. “We love to get together to harmonize.”

So the group, known as 2ndG, made that harmony at a Christmas concert that benefited the MORE Project, dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and families in Brazil. About 75 percent of the ticket sales went to the project, Osmond said.

Alan Osmond’s eight sons have grown up performing in a variety of venues, including the touring company of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” They have also performed in Branson, Mo., for several years and done national and world tours.

The eighth member of 2ndG, Alex, is currently serving a Mormon mission in Georgia. His six older brothers have also served missions — Michael in Denmark, Nathan in Chile, Doug in South Africa, David in Spain, Scott in Paraguay and John in Brazil. The youngest brother, Tyler, 18, is getting ready for a mission, Scott Osmond said. All eight brothers are Eagle Scouts, Osmond added, and he’s currently a Scoutmaster.

We are being told that David Archuleta was a special guest and sang songs such as O’ Holy Night and Mary Did You Know. IDF Laura was at the event and sends back the following photos:

Behind the scenes photos courtesy of IDF “Laura” were added on 11/30
Article Information: The Osmonds Website and The Mormon Times 11/29

Editor’s Note: During American Idol Season 7, the week of April 1st, Donny Osmond, 50, who is one of Utah’s most famous entertainers and one of the Osmond Brothers., talked to David Archuleta on several occassions giving him advice such as  “Just enjoy the process because it is 15 minutes of fame, so enjoy every (one) of those 15 minutes,” Osmond said.

On May 7, 2003 during the time that David Archuleta was on Star Search 2, Donny Osmond was a guest judge on the program.

Here is a video from the ABC Affiliate in Utah where the Osmond Brothers mentioned the upcoming appearance by a special guest which we now know was David Archuleta:  CLICK HERE

Nathan Osmond contacted David back in May 2008 to ask David to join his new social networking site known as uPlej (pronounced “You Pledge”) which is designed to raise money for various charities. Nathan’s uPlej site is http://www.uplej.com/nathanosmond. For every person that you get to join YOUR uPlej network, one dollar will go to help your favorite charity every single month. It costs $4.99 to be a member of uPlej a month. Four dollars goes directly to the charity. 75 cents goes to keep the network running and 24 cents is for the transaction cost. Nathan Osmond supports The CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK, a foundation that his Grandmother Osmond started 25 years ago. Nathan has been in the hospitals and has seen those children. It is a wonderful cause. He is also supporting AUTISM SPEAKS because his oldest son, Zachary, is on the autism spectrum. He’s also chosen to support ONE HEART, an amazing umbrella charity that supports numerous great causes.

Go to http://www. uplej. com/nathanosmond and join his network TODAY!!!

David Meeting Donny Osmond 2005

David Meeting Donny Osmond 2005


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8 Responses to “David Archuleta joins the Osmond’s 2nd Generation on Stage”

  1. Thanks for posting this! Love your site 🙂

  2. where is IDF? i can’t find it

  3. Dang it, how much more excitement are we supposed to take LOL! Thanks for this great news, I’m hoping for a video pronto! And thanks for posting about the very worthy cause.

  4. thanks for this post!
    I love the photo at the end — younger David meeting Donnie O – and looks like getting a DVD autographed!
    I wonder if Donnie wants an autograph of David’s now.
    Lucky people in Utah – I would love to hear David sing Oh Holy Night live.

  5. Heather, IDF is http://www.idolforums.com. 🙂

  6. Wow! I am just gobsmacked! This is terrific. And Oh to hear..Oh Holy Night sung live by David.

    Every day you guys give us such up to the minute info. And you also provide some wonderful photos from earlier days that are such a treat!!

  7. OMG, wow! David singing Mary Did You Know? I’ve heard of the youtube version of David singing this in 2007 and i get chill all over! I must see that clip at the Osmond’s concert, please somebody send in their some clip of this performance. Thank you so much!! (^_^)”

  8. The only other person I’ve heard sing “Mary Did You Know” is…Donny Osmond. I went on David Osmond’s website (to see if he was the same David Osmond who was in band with my oldest – not). Apparently he had West Nile Virus and was sick for a long time – and has struggled with an auto immune problem similar to MS. Which Osmond has MS? Anyway, interesting that there’s a connection there – something near to our David’s heart. I’m hoping there’s another surprise concert TBA that isn’t quite so secret…. LOL

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