David Archuleta to Appear on American Idol in May

From Boy to Man


by S. Indra Sathiabalan

AFTER a stunning run in American Idol Season 7 in 2008, young David Archuleta who was only 17 then, was a strong favourite to win. However, majority of voters preferred the edgier David Cook who won the American Idol title that year.

But being first runner up wasn’t that bad as almost every record company wanted to sign him up. He eventually signed with Jive. Archuleta proved that his run on Idol was no fluke when his first single Crush, released in August 2008, became a hit. His debut album was released in November the same year, hitting the number two spot on the Billboard charts.

Being a part of a singing competition isn’t something new for David Archuleta who had entered competitions since he was 10. In fact, during American Idol, there was a clip of him singing in front of Idol’s first champ Kelly Clarkson who in turn was impressed by the little boy with a big voice.

Archuleta’s father, Jeff, is a jazz musician while his mum, Lupe, is a salsa singer. At age six, Archuleta saw a videotape of the stage musical Les Miserables and became captivated with the music.

His foray into pop music began when he watched the first season of American Idol and was completely taken in by contestant Tamyra Gray’s soulful rendition of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going. That was the turning point in Archuleta’s life, which ultimately led him on to the road towards American Idol Season7 finale.

After spending a year touring with the top 10 finalists of last year’s American Idol, David Archuleta has embarked on his first series of solo concerts which began last month. He will also tour Asia, and Kuala Lumpur is one of the scheduled stops.

Speaking from Idaho in a recent telephone interview, Archuleta talked about his music, future plans and of course, American Idol. He said he has never been to Asia before and is really looking forward to coming here and performing for his fans.

Asked how much of this album represents him as an artiste, he said that most of the songs hopefully with my next album, it will be a little more clearly directed. I hope to do in fact capture his taste in music. “Most of the songs represent me, at this moment. I did not stick to a particular direction. Since I am a teenager, I haven’t decided who I am yet. So, work with different people and see who I am really compatible with.”

Archuleta said that at the time he was working on his album, he was on the Idol tour and hence did not get a chance to write for the album. Six days before it was finished, he managed to help write A Little Too Not Over You and Don’t Let Go. He admitted that both songs were based on personal experiences. “It is about trying to get over someone. You think you’ve gotten over them but when you see them again, a lot of these memories come back,” he explained. However, he denied having anyone special in his life at the moment.

When Archuleta sang Imagine during American Idol, it was one of the highlights of the show. However, it did not end up on the album. “It was not included because it was not a right fit for the album. The label felt that Angels (which was another highlight on Idol) was a better choice.”

Archuleta was thought to be the sure winner of American Idol and Cook’s victory turned out to be a big surprise. “I didn’t think I was going to win,” confessed Archuleta bashfully. “I think David did such a great job as an artiste and he is a great person. I really look up to him and admire him for that. He has enough experience to know which direction he wants to take as a person. He was more of a rock person whilst I was more into pop.”

Archuleta said that he is following the new season of American Idol and at the moment, as far as he can tell, Adam Lambert and Matt Girard stand out. In fact, he is scheduled to appear on one of the shows sometime in May.

Currently on his North American tour, Archuleta is a star in his own right and he admitted that being one of the Idol finalists still hasn’t sunk in fully.

To his fans in Malaysia, Archuleta has this to say: “I just want to say ‘thank you so much for all the support’. I am so excited to be able to come over to perform for you soon.”

David Archuleta will be giving a performance at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater in Petaling Jaya on April 11. This concert is by invitation only and the first 750 DiGi customers to download any of the three promotional bundles by DiGi will stand to win two complimentary tickets to the show. For more go to digi.com.my/music.


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