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David Archuleta and his father, Jeff, along with a family friend, are hoping to make a trip to India to visit the children of Rising Star Outreach. Rising Star’s works are primarily aimed at families affected by leprosy, or Hansen’s Disease. The Archuleta’s friend who is a Family Dentist wants to provide free dental care to the many children living in the colonies. The Archuleta’s friend will be the first Dentist ever to volunteer his services to Rising Star and they are all excited to be part of this desperately needed outreach. Donations will be needed to cover the cost of Dental equipment and supplies. Fan Scene will keep you up to date as this story develops.

Rising Star’s work is the subject of an hour long PBS documentary entitled “Breaking The Curse,” produced by former CNN senior producer Brian Kosisky and narrated by former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan. In “Breaking the Curse,” Kosisky said he tried to capture the “profound” ways leprosy-affected people have been transformed by the works of Rising Star.




  1. Wow! David is going to bless India with his greatness 🙂 I couldn’t be more proud to be an Arch Angel. He’s a gem!

  2. Is there any more news about this? Is David still planning on going to India this summer? I haven’t been able to find any updates regarding it, on this site or any other sites.

  3. […] a child from one of David Archuleta’s charity causes, Rising Star Outreach, after seeing a video about RSO here on Fan Scene! I asked Judith for her permission to post a little information about […]

  4. I would love to find a way if David Archuleta could make a visit to my daughter’s niece who seen him at his concert in June in sacramento. She was just diganosed with spine cancer and is only 15. She is the most polite and beautiful young girl i know. She loves him to death. how would this ever happen? I don’t know when the surgery/chemo or radiation will start. she is in a lot of pain and scared. thank you so much for any information. She is at Roseville kaiser in sacramento.

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