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Ann Met David at the Jason Mraz Concert 10/01/08

David & Anne

David & Anne

I was at Jason Mraz’s concert at the Greek last night (he was fantastic!), and I saw David there with Jason Castro and Jason’s girlfriend- I don’t know who else. I saw him right before Jason Mraz started singing, so even though I LOVE Jason Mraz, it was hard to concentrate and enjoy the show because I kept looking back behind me to see what David was doing. I looked back at him quite often and saw him talking to Jason Castro and taking some pictures with his camera. At the end of the concert, I saw Jeff Archuleta was there with them and as they were leaving, many people asked David to take a picture with them and sign autographs. Even though you could tell they wanted to leave, David was really nice and posed with everyone- including me. My friend took a picture with my camera, but it turned out that David was looking at the wrong camera, so after my friend told me, I asked David to take another picture, and he did it. He was so nice to do it considering how many people asked, but I told him that the first picture didn’t come out, so he posed with me again. I can’t wait to see him at the Ellen show!

Ann 🙂

David Archuleta and Jason Castro

David Archuleta and Jason Castro

Thanks Ann!!!!

Heather’s Story

I’ve met David twice now! Once in Cincinnati, Ohio and then again in Lexington, Ky. Each time was AMAZING, but I have to admit the Lexington, Ky experience was a bit more memorable for me. While David was a total sweetheart each time I met him, he just seemed in such high spirits in Ky. Maybe because he had just flown back from NYC from shooting a photo shoot for his album but either way he was giggling and just even more happy than normal! Anyway, I put my cell phone in my shirt and let it continuously play “Crush”! When David, walked up to me in line, he looked up at me and smiled then giggled and started singing “Crush”! He danced around alittle bit but kept signing autographs. If someone would speak to him he would take time to talk to them but then would find what part of the song was playing and continue singing along with it!! I could have died! When he first heard “Crush” playing, the smile that came across his face will forever be apart of me! Then he looked me dead in the eyes and started singing! It was everything I could do to keep my weak knees steady and holding me up! Anyway, after he got about 2 or 3 people down from me he was still singing and bobbing his head, so I thought OMG, you HAVE to get this on video…one problem….I was shaking so hard I couldn’t get my camera switched to video in time! I know, I SUCK! The one time David sings “Crush” live to my face and I couldn’t get it on video!! Ugh. I get mad thinking about it! Anyway, I had front row seats to both concerts and let me tell you….it doesn’t get any better than front row! EVERY idol waved at my friends and I as soon as they entered onto the stage *including David*! We were in heaven! After the concert we went back out to meet them again and I was telling the “Crush”story to someone standing around me and they suggested I try it again, so I did! I turned “Crush” on and sure enough when David got to me he looked up smiled and said “It’s still playing! You must really like it! Thanks! That means a lot!” Then he started singing and dancing!! AAAHHH!! I get excited thinking of this! I made sure to record it this time! But it’s dark and by the time I started to record he was to far away to hear the music anymore! But in my video if you watch CLOSE the 1st 2 seconds he is singing (but it looks like he is mouthing) and bobbing his head! Its fast and dark but it is worth a second look! I’m pretty sure my life is complete!

David & Heather
David & Heather


Ashley sent a letter to David ‘everyday’ he was on Idol
here story is here
Caley gets her IPod autographed by David

I met david yesterday … omg he was soooo sweet. me and my friend gave him a scrapbook of all the reasons we loved him and he totally loved it. Although he was surprised when we gave it to him. Anyhow … he was as sweet can be . he was soo nice when he was signing autographs for everyone. Everyone said that the David u see on tv (the sweet smily laid back david) , that is soo him. and here I am with David while he is signing my ipod…

David Takes a photograph of Abby’s Cell phone!

Abby with David


Kristena meets David: Would you Get your hand autographed?

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333 Photographs Captured Selina’s Perfect Day

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Monica Meets David

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A one minute coversation with Archie

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Waited in the rain for 8 and a 1/2 hrs to not even be able to talk to David but then…..

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A College student with no money, and no chance to meet David or see the concert, but he does!!!

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Would you fly 10,000 miles to meet David?
Larissa will be doing this soon!

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Michelle Meets David and has the best day of her life!

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FanShare Story: LUIS MATA

Luis flys from Hawaii to Utah to meet David!

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My Evening With David Archuleta
by Meleah


It is a great interactive story with lots of great photos over 50 of them!!!!

This Is Michelle. I met David Archuleta at the Staple center on 7-7-08 and i met his dad and his aunt as well. I went to the after party and i was wondering if you would please put these pictures that i took. I would really appreciate it thanks! =D Michelle. David’s aunt is soo sweet she gave my friend an aftershow ticket bc she did not have one. =D Archie gave me a hug bc i was crying. =D HERE ARE SOME PICTURES FROM THE STAPLES CENTER 7-7-08 AFTERPARTY: Before the concert waiting for the buses. =D

Photobucket Photobucket

People loved my shirt and they were taking picture of it. i designed them!

Photobucket ..

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Would you fly from California to New York to see David sing one song?


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Happenstance put a fan in the same Lobby as David!



Karah Meets David in a TV Studio
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The stories below are courtesy of Fanblast 07/21/08

Jake’s story:

We arrived at the buses around 12:45. There was roughly around 100 people there. I had heard from other fans and friends who went to the concerts before that the buses usually arrive around 1:00, but 1:00 came and went: no buses. Around 1:30 or so, a girl wearing a Cook t-shirt (yeah…) came over and started talking to us and she said her friend is friends with a friend of David’s and the friend of David’s was texting David and he said they were running late. I don’t know if that was true, but she was right. The buses finally got there around 2:30 and the Idols didn’t come out until around 3. First was Cook, Ramielle, & Brooke. I got Brooke’s autograph (she was such a sweetheart!) and I got pictures of Cook signing other autographs. A little while after, Jason came out and soon after, Archie! He was virtually signing everything in sight and signing very quickly because he had to do press and he was only out there for about 20 minutes. I was right beside Archie for about 10 minutes, but he never saw me and never heard me (I felt so bad yelling “David!” like I was demanding him to come over and sign something because everyone else was doing the same thing and I could tell he was overwhelmed already). Soon he had to leave and go do his press stuff. Jeff came out a little while after and I got a picture with him (lol!)! He was very nice! He bragged about David the whole time he was out there. He also told us that the reasons David couldn’t stay very long was not only because of press, but because he was discussing more about his album with the company before the show! I know: excitement! I think David may have come back out because right when I left with my parents to go get something to eat, EVERYONE rushed over to see who was coming out. But, it might have been Michael Johns because everyone was waiting for him. I also got a picture and an autograph from Syesha (she was so nice!), but thats all I got.

We arrived at the Scottrade Center at about 6 and the doors opened. We got t-shirts and everything and went to our seats. Our seats were very high in the stands, but from where we were we could see the entire stage and the screen was right beside us, so that was alright. The concert was absolutely amazing! Of course we all know David blew the concert up, but I have to give props to Brooke, Carly, Syesha, & Cook because they did almost as amazing as Archie (notice I said “almost)! Even though we were in Cook’s homestate, Archie had plenty of fans cheering for him at this concert! “When You Say You Love Me” was my favorite performance of the night – it was just beautiful. He didn’t cry at this show, but you could tell he still felt overwhelmed at how many people came out to see the show – it was packed! Approximately 10,000 people there. I was kind of mad because I could see the floor from our seats and there was a whole row empty! I was like “dang!”. But, oh well, our seats were good enough. I was planning on staying after the show and trying the buses again, but my parents wouldn’t let us. They said it was too long of a wait and there was no where to park and stay. I was like “Park behind a bush! I don’t care!” Lol . I really wanted to meet Archie, but oh well. Hopefully I can meet him on his OWN tour!

Candice’s story:

I saw the concert in Saint Louis. I doubted that Archuleta could be as good as everyone said, but I was wrong. He stole the show. This boy can sing like no other. There is a humility about him that endears him to the audience. There was one rocker dude next to me that actually cried when David sang When You Say You Love Me. Magnificient.

Carol’s story:

David was truly amazing last night.  My friend, who is a David Cook fan, even told me after the concert that ARCHULETA blew her away.  We agreed that everybody was good, but THERE IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT, SPECIAL AND AMAZING ABOUT DAVID ARCHULETA!  I’ve been telling her that since JANUARY!  Finally, after seeing him in person last night, she did say he is absolutely amazing and couldn’t stop talking about it all the way home.  We waited for almost 2 hours after the concert for an autograph, but there were a lot of people, and I have to say I’m ashamed that some of those people in my hometown were very rude, and pushing us up against the fence!  I felt sorry for David!  Some of those people were acting like idiots—–sorry to say that of my hometown people, but I wouldn’t be a part of that.  I saw him up close and then left.  I honestly can’t wait until David does his own concert.

Wendy’s story:

I have been hooked on FanBlast for months now.  Craving any and all information about David Archuleta, but have never commented.  However, after attending the St. Louis concert I felt compelled to do so.  I will start by saying that this concert was planned as a “mother-daughter” outing.  My eight year old daughter Marisa and I left Southaven, MS (borders Memphis, TN) headed out for St. Louis on Thursday night.  This is a 4 1/2 hour drive.  Friday morning we arrived at the Scottrade Center at 10:15am to find a hand full of people already waiting the arrival of the Idols.  While waiting we decided to go to the box office to see if they had released any tickets with better seating.  You see, we were in the nose bleed section.  Much to our delight, we were able to upgrade the tickets we had for seats in section 117, Row A.  This is the first row on the risers from the floor.  The seats were amazing and I was able to get some incredible pictures.  My daughter squeals, as only an eight year old little girl can, and we head back out to wait for the buses.  Let’s just say, we waited, and waited and waited.  They were late.  The buses finally arrived about 2pm, to hundreds of screaming fans, holding signs for their favorite, etc.  Archie came out about 20 minutes later and we went crazy of course.  Unfortunately, he started on the far end from where we were standing, meaning he would get to us last.  Our side screamed “We love you Archie!”  He in response, turned and flashed that beautiful smile our way.  Cook yelled to him, “Hey Archie, I think they love you over here!”  We waited patiently, but of course by the time he got over to where we were he was pressed for time and was trying to make sure everyone atleast got his autograph.  Pictures were kept to a minimum.  He was so gracious and kept looking back at the Security guard like, “please, just a little longer.”  FINALLY…he made it to where we were and all I could do was stare at him. Everything you have heard about him is true.  He is flawless.  As he approaches, someone is telling him how early she got there that morning and I mention that we drove almost five hours and he looks up at me with a shocked looked and says, “Really, from where?”  So I tell him and he says “Awesome”.  He is finally standing right in front of me and I hear myself thinking out loud, “I know you hear this alot, but you are absolutely gorgeous”  He looks at me with those incredible eyes and says “Awww, thank you!”  Like he had never heard that before.  He notices my daughter and sees her shirt that says “Archuleta Chick”  (see pictures) and he says, “Aww that’s cute”  She then asks him to sign it, which he does.  I was only able to take a picture of him doing that.  Then he was whisked away.  It happened so fast.  It was kind of depressing to think that that was it.  We might not have the opportunity to interact with him again.   But God was on our side this day.  Marisa is also a big fan of Syesha and refused to go to the hotel until she came out.  Luckily she did and was very sweet to her and gave us After Party passes.  Woo HOO!  We would get to see him again!   After David went inside, his Dad came out.  We really got to spend alot of time talking to him.  This is a man that clearly adores his son.  I asked him how he managed to raise such an incredible kid and his eyes teared up as he said “I wish I could take credit for that, but that’s just David. Since a young age, he has been very sensitive and really cares about others.”  He talked about his other children and my children.  He is just as warm and caring as David.  He mentioned that David is very hard on himself.  I told him that David shouldn’t lack confidence or be hard on himself, because he has a gift.  Again, he teared up.  Sorry this is so long, but I’m getting the concert now.

The concert was fantastic.  My daughter and I are screaming and dancing like crazy.  By this time everyone pretty much knows how the show goes.  It is getting to the end of Syesha’s set and my daughter looks at me and says, “Mom, my stomach feels kind of funny, like butterflies.  I can’t wait for David!”  I smile, because I understood just how she was feeling.  WE are on our feet screaming like the fangirls that we are, then he rises from below, smoke all around him, like a vision.  I have waited so long to hear him live, but nothing could have prepared me for this.  There is no way to explain how powerful his voice is in person.  The only word that comes to mind is BREATHTAKING!  I stood there (because I couldn’t sit down) staring in amazement.  I did find myself at one point holding my breath.  Much has been said about his lack of stage presence, immaturity, etc.  But I assure you, he owns the stage, he draws you in like he is telling a story and you don’t want to miss it.  There is absolutely nothing immature about David Archuleta.  Of course, his performance was flawless.  Every note perfect and again no song sung the same.  The crowd loves him and he basks in their love.  I think at one point he says “Wow this crowd is crazy!”  You might get a kick out of  this too.  During Stand By Me, David touches my daughter’s  hand and she runs back to me and says “Mom, his hands are so soft”  WYSYLM is absolutely incredible.  He feels that song and he pours his heart out.  I am almost in tears by the end.  Notice the picture of him with his arms outstretched…so angelic.  His set ends too soon.  I wanted for time to stand still, so he could stay on the stage.  But we had the after party to look forward to.

There were alot of people at the After Party, so we didn’t all fit in one room.  It ended up being more like a meet and greet, because the Idols ended up just going down hall where we were all standing.  David came out and of course tried to talk, take pictures and autograph.  Always with a smile!  He got to us and I had to laugh, because he stifled a yawn.  He looked up at me and said “Sorry”.  I said, “I guess you are tired.”  To which he replied “yes”.  At that moment the mom in me kicked in and I just wanted to hug  him and tuck him into bed.  🙂  I said “Didn’t you fly in from LA this morning.  He looked at me and said “Yeah, how did you know that?”  I laughed and told him he should go on FanBlast or google himself sometime.  He of course laughed.  He signed our program, took a picture with us (which came out blurry) and we proceeded to tell him how awesome he was.  Then he had to move on.  Again, a feeling of sadness comes over you because that is it.  We proceeded to visit some other Idols, then before we left I wanted to see if Archie was still in the hall because I could not leave without a good picture with him.  To our delight, we turned the corner and there he was, finishing with the last little group.  I felt bad because I kind of felt like a stalker.  Jeff was there too and I said “I’m sorry to bug you, but my picture was blurry, can we take another.”  He said “Sure”  We were thanking him again and at that moment he proceeded to prop himself against the wall and started reading a letter someone had given to him.  He was in his own world.  We stood watching  him for a minute, his dad across on the other wall when his Dad said “David, there is someone waiting on you.”  A couple had walked up to him and he didn’t notice them.  He repsonded by saying “Oh, sorry” took a picture, then went right back to reading the letter.  It was just so sweet.  We said goodbye again and watched as he and his Dad walked down the hall.

Meeting David is such an incredible thing.  We might have loved him in the beginning because of his voice, but it is the person that we have all connected to now.  He simply glows!  He is truly a young man that God blessed greatly.  He is the essence of everything good in the world.  He gives me hope that I can actually raise my son to be kind, humble, etc.  This was an amazing thing to share with my daughter.

Monica’s story:

Okay, so we arrived at Allstate Arena at about 11:30-ish, and there were probably about 40-50-ish people, which was not bad. We see buses and we’re like, “OMG THEY’RE HERE!” We all get super excited and I’m super duper hyper. The security guy or whoever made us move back and set up barricades at about noon and said that they would tell us what would happen at 1:00. We were originally by the end of line, but behind a group of people, so we decided that it would be difficult to even interact with the Idols with so many people in front of us, so we decided to move towards the other end of the barricades, so that at least we were right by them and that they could sign/take pictures/ etc with us easier. 1:00 comes by, and nothing happens.

At about 1:45ish or so (sorry, I’m bad with remembering times), we see people running to the sidewalk behind us, and the actual tour buses come! (Note that the original buses we saw were just for equipment and felt like the previous pictures we took with the equipment buses were pointless at this point. xP) W e see some Idols get off the bus, but only through a little crack about 2 feet wide, because the equipment buses were in front of the performers’ buses. Haha, we were pretty far so we were just making assumptions of who people were, but most of them we could tell, except I think we kept mixing up Brooke and Kristy Lee because we were so far. So then I’m taping at this moment and Archie walks by and everyone FREAKS OUT, and everyone could SO TELL that it was him, because well duh, it’s David Archuleta… he’s so distinguishable.

So then it was 3:30ish? and all the idols that came out were pretty much done, and the security said that no one else would come out… LIAR! Like 15 minutes later, David Archuleta walks TOWARDS US… like RIGHT TOWARDS US (we were in the middle) and then he turns left and starts on the other end. It’s kinda sad/unfair because the people on the side he started on got there later than the other people that he didn’t get to talk to. Okay, once again, he is the nicest guy ever, which can be shown in the fact that he took FOREVER to get to us. Like, he was seriously conversing with everyone about everything and signing everything for everyone, which was good for them, and not so good for the rest of us. We were towards the middle, so it didn’t matter where any Idol began, but when he was about 10 feet or so away from us, the security (or his handlers?) were telling him that he had to go, so he was just signing and doing whatever as fast as he could. People by us were like, “Will he get to us?” and the handler people were like, “I think so…” so he finally gets to me (FI NALLY) and I ask him to sign this mini poster thing with my favorite pictures of him and he puts ‘David Arch’ and he moves on to my friend next to me and signs like 3 things for her! He didn’t even get to sign my shirt, but I was on a mission for something else… a HUG… and on tape! So I gave my video camera to my friend’s uncle to hold it while all this occurred. At this point, no one was getting pictures or hugs from him anymore, and I said in like, my shyest most sincere way [actually now that i think about it… it was kinda sorta really desperate sounding], ‘Can I have a hug?’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah, sure,’ so he PUTS HIS RIGHT ARM AROUND ME AND I PUT MY RIGHT ARM AROUND HIM (because our left ones were holding things) and omg, it was amazing. I squealed like a little fan girl and I was a bit upset afterwards, because I had my mind set on… ‘I will act like a normal human being in front of David Archuleta.’ Everyone around me started SCREAMING TOO and all this commotion started, which is why my video camera was crazy shaky, but thankfully, my friend’s mom got it on tape, so all is good. Then he hugged like 4 other people around me, but I was the first in a while so I felt special.

And omg, my first goal was a picture with him… Y’know, like for default pictures or whatever, but just my luck, my still camera DIED ON ME right when he was=2 0like 3 PEOPLE AWAY, so I was very upset. But I was determined to have something with him, which is why I got the hug! He was so rushed, that he couldn’t sign everything anymore, but I still wanted to sign his page in my tour binder, so I’m like, ‘Can you sign a D?’ or something like that, in the sense that if he was SO in a hurry, I’ll take what I can get. But he was like, ‘What…? A D?’ so he writes a D, haha. I bet he thought I was crazy, but it’s okay. So then after the hug, I was like, I don’t know… like, fake crying? I don’t know, I can’t explain it, it’s like… on the verge of crying from over emotion but without tears. And he looks at me and gives kind of a ‘wow’ look. Oh and my friend who got like 3 things from him wanted a picture with him, but he said he couldn’t anymore, but he was like, ‘You can take a picture of me signing!’ with a smile, and she’s like, “Okay, sure,” and hands him another thing to sign. LAME AND UNFAIR. But whatever, the hug was beyond amazing. So then maybe 10 people after us got a few stuff here and there, but he had to go, so he just kind of ran and high-fived whoever he could.

All in all, I got a tour binder signed by 8 idols, a shirt signed by 7, an extra Archie mini-poster collage thing signed, pictures WITH 6 idols, and a hug which will last eternally in my mind and heart forever from the greatest man alive, David Archuleta.

Alison’s story:

He was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome! When he rose onto the stage with his piano I squealed like a baby pig!!!!! Lol it’s true! He sang Angels first and I was on the verge of tears! The fans were right; it is a lot better in person then on video! Then he sang Apologize and even though it’s not that sad of a song, I wanted to cry lol. Then he sung Stand By Me and I started screaming again and my heart started to beat as he danced his sexy dances lol. Then he sang WYSYLM and I absolutely loved it!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

His vocals are so outstanding I can’t even begin to put it into words. He is soo incredibly talented and I am so in love with him! Wow it was incredibly awesome I still remember it perfectly.

So afterwards, my friend and I ran to the other side of the arena and we waited about an hour and a half for David to come out. Kristy, Brooke, Michel, Chikezie, Syesha and Jason came out to sign stuff and I got autographs from everyone besides Chikezie and Jason. So then I was really REALLY anticipating David to come out and when he did, I was the very first one to see him. I was the one who shouted, “OMG there’s David Archuleta!” Then after that there were a bunch of screaming girls (including me and Kelly!) We was intending on coming over to us, but his security guards pushed him over farther in line =(. He never ended up coming over to us to sign stuff. We kept chanting his name and he kept on wanting to come over to us but his security guard people kept him where he was which was a little depressing at first.

But wait, there’s more! He asked his security guards if he could run over to us and give us high fives and of course he did! I could swear he smiled at me!! (probably not but I was so excited I couldn’t even tell). So I touched David Archuleta people!!!!!!!!!!!! I may have not gotten an autograph directly frrom him or a picture, but I did touch him and I was so incredibly grateful for that! Okay well that was my night seeing my beloved David! I will never forget it!!!


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  1. I saw him perform live. Here’s the link where you can watch it:

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