We welcome you to visit our new website at www.archuletafanscene.com that is the new link for Archuleta Fan Scene
Created by R4D

Created by R4D

This site is owned by Todd, a friend of the Archuletas, who managed David’s ‘Official Street Team‘ from April 2004 to August 2008 when he was asked to delete it to conform with American Idol rules restricting contestants from having Official Fan Sites , and Cheryl, who joined Todd during the summer of ’08  to help promote David on MySpace. Todd has a background in management with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Cheryl has a background in photography and band promotion, having worked in the Music Industry in the 90’s.

Both Todd and Cheryl Welcome you to this site.

Our Writers:



My favorite subject is English, because I absolutely love literature, and love to read, I also like science, especially when we deal with animals (but no dissecting!!). I usually have straight A’s, with a few B’s here and there. I promote David, because he is inspiration to people all ages, and is the perfect role model, he has a voice that can make people feel a variety of emotions, and thats a real key to being an artist.



My name is Orlando and I am general manager of FHR Radio Entertainment. A licensed online radio station. Though we play country music, we also play Pop and R&B music. FHR Radio has known about David since 2002 when he sang inside a Fire Station in New York shortly after 9/11. Being in the field of firefighting/ems myself for 19 years, its little things like that, that inspire us to move on and it means the world to us. David brings a unique voice and talent that will shine and bring rejoice and hope for a better tomorrow throughout the four corners of the world. We at FHR Radio are proud to do our part to see it through.

This website is dedicated to David Archuleta and his music.

For his beautiful, out-of-this-world voice, with its rich milieu of textured subtleties, that resonates with our innermost being, giving us peace, joy, and strength;

For his passionate, soulful performances that make us hold our breath and yearn for more;

For his wholesome, gracious, humble and genuine character that evokes the admiration of people young and old;

For sharing with us his amazing talent and inspiring many to pursue their dreams;

For blessing millions around the world with his God-given gifts;

For being the overwhelming global inspiration, miracle and phenomenon, who is David Archuleta

(Written by Larissa in the dedication of her ‘International Fan Book’)

Our mission statement:
To showcase David Archuleta and promote his music and mission around the world; to bring together fans who not only listen to David, but promote him on a personal level within their circle of influence. We are focused on helping David inspire millions. We are fans working together. More than a Street Team, more than a Fan Club, we are dedicated to the phenom that is ‘David Archuleta.’

Our Intention:
We always try to give credit to any photograph or video used on this site; most are found on public sites such as ‘YouTube’,etc. We will give proper credit at any time. Please just message us so we can give you credit.

Contact us at:



25 Responses to “ABOUT US”

  1. The site looks great! David is very lucky to have all of you helping him out.

  2. I just discovered you this AM ..what a great site. I am 59 year old and such a David fan. It great to know there are other in my age group. Your site is very user friendly and very informative. I am very excited there are so many fans supportative of David’s talent. I certainly will be one of many. Thank you.

  3. I just discovered this fan site today (trough a link posted on Fanblast) and I must say – you guys are awesome! I’m definitely adding this to my favorites.

    Thanks guys for doing this. Much appreciated.

  4. Hey Guys/Eric!
    I’m Precious, A Really Ecstatic Fan Of David :)) I Have This Project In School, I’m A Sophomore (High School), and I Need To Make My Own Magazine Along With My Classmate, iya, A Big Fan Of David Too, And We’ve Decided To Devote Our Magazine To Archie, It’s Named “ArchuCraze”: Gosh, This Is Where They All Park!, We Need Some Facts, Trivias, Pictures, Articles, People Who Would Want To Share Their Experiences Etc. With Us, Everything Is Subject To Change, If Anyone Has Suggestions To Give, We Would Love It… If It Will Be Allowed We Would Want To Post A Thread In davidarchuletafanblast.com. Please Eric?? We Really Need This For School And To Get Our Archie Fix.. Please Eric?? Thank You Guys So Much!! Haha.. Were Actually Looking For Cookies Too!! (Cook’s Fans) Lol.. 😛 :)) I’m Sorry We Have To Disturb…

    Please E-Mail Me At precious_ong_29@yahoo.com

    Smiles And Giggles,

  5. Hi Todd!!!

    Good job on this site. You are an amazing person and thank you for supporting and believing in David for soooo many yrs.

    God Bless!!!

    Lupe 🙂

  6. Todd and Cheryl, this is an awesome website to promote David and his music! You are very focused and dedicated in your goal to support David! I have the habit of visiting Fan Scene every day. You have my heartfelt respect and admiration.

    As you may be aware, the fans at Team Archie has an ongoing gifting campaign to gift David’s single and upcoming album. This is our little way of contributing to the sales of his music and of reducing the number of illegal downloads of his songs. We hope that Fan Scene can lend your support to our campaign by endorsing us, so that more people will know about this campaign and request to be gifted David’s music legally.

    Cheers and God Bless!
    Larissa, Singapore



  7. Hey Todd GREAT SITE, I love what you have done to the site and David Archuleta is just an amazing and wonderful human being along with his entire family!!!!

  8. Hi Lupe,

    Thanks for the nice comment! I’m glad you like the fansite!
    I’m lucky to have Cheryl and Orlando, they’re great people to work with!!! 🙂


  9. Larissa & Dominic!

    Thank you for being part of our family here at Fanscene!

    Cheryl and Todd.

  10. Hi Everyone

    I am happy to be part of Fan Scene and share our support of David Archuleta along with Todd and Cheryl. Thank You for visiting the site and your amazing support.


  11. I’m so glad everything is back up!
    I’m so glad we can all share our support for David.
    Thanks for visiting the site!


  12. I just found this site and I am so excited to find you guys. I have been drifting back and forth on different sites. This seems so much more user friendly and I am a Golden Archie Fan just learning my around. Thanks.

  13. Todd, Orlando and Cheryl:

    All 3 of you should be commended for providing such a wonderful site for us fans to vistit daily to get updates on David. Thank you for posting my pictures and I hope they bring joy to all that see them. Todd and Orlando: Thank YOU for being there for David and for promoting him for so many years. I am envious of all the years you have had with David and to see what he is now and will becoming to all of his million fans.

    Take care,

    Jennifer Barry

  14. Thank you for all you do for David, you are all awesome people and keep up the good work.


  15. My first time to visit this site, Awesome! the more the merrier, plus a family friend of the Archuleta’s, wohoooo!

    Thank you for supporting David and taking care of our ODD. God bless!♥

  16. Wow! Lupe visited the site. I had an oppurtunity meeting Lupe and I would say, the most kind hearted loving person I met. You are beautiful Lupe, if you are lurking. And, thanks for introducing me to your mom. She’s so sweet, just like you. She’s a neighboring city where I live, Jacksonville. I also met Jeff. This occurred in Tulsa, Ok. What an amazing night a dream came true!♥

  17. Amazing site! David and his fans are so lucky to have people like you that provide a wonderful place where we can stay current with David’s career and share his journey. Thanks for your hard work!

  18. I have to give my friend a big Thank You for telling me about this site today. I love your mission statement and your approach to supporting David. I will stop by frequently. Best of Luck!

  19. Thanks, Judith! 😀

  20. It Is amusing to me how many people love this guy as a new talent when he has been around for awhile now. Just because he was on Idol all of a sudden people are coming out of the woodwork as his biggest fans….Some people have supported his talent when the family wasn’t sure there was going to be a future for him. Yes, his voice is awesome and that should be enough to carry him. But we all know that it isn’t. Fortunately David Has “IT” and he will still be here when the posers jump back off the bandwagon!

  21. […] Lupe stopped by Fan Scene last month and left a comment on our About Us page. Thanks, Lupe! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)David Archuleta To Appear On […]

  22. Todd, Orlando and Cheryl:
    this is my first time visiting this website.
    david archuleta fanblast is the website I and my friends visist.
    now FB is going to leave so we decide to look for othet david’s website.
    I have some advise to say :
    1.to change this website background color instead brighter color.
    2.to change the layout which you can refer to davidarchuletfanblast.
    3.add daily vote list website to let fans to vote.
    I think that after your change, more FB fans will come to your websit.
    Please. do some changes!!!!

  23. Hi Amy,

    Thank you for the suggestions. We decided to take a poll to see what everyone thinks. Can you please explain what you mean on #3. Thanks! Todd 🙂

  24. Todd,
    I think she means to have a tab where you have a list of websites (such as vh1, trl, other polls, ect…) that people can refer to, so they can vote for crush as top song, or something else relating to David.
    Like the VH1 top 20 countdown. lol

  25. I love what this site stands for and am thankful that this Team is so dedicated to David and has supported him for these many years. I think David is the nicest, most talented person I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing, even if only from a fan’s perspective. Wouldn’t we all want to know David personally as you all do. Good luck on your site.

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