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Editor’s Note: Fish Soup for the Soul is the page on my blog where my guest bloggers and I can post our rants and raves. It’s where I’ll write about the frustrations and rewards of running a Fan Site, or anything else that comes to mind. It won’t follow any rules or format and will probably be completely random at times. I hope our readers will relate.

So, why did I name this page Fish Soup for the Soul?

Back when David Archuleta did one of his first interviews (watch here) for American Idol he was asked the question, “What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten?” David answered, “This one Fish Soup my grandma made.” For some reason that answer stuck with me. Maybe because I can imagine David smiling and eating it anyway so he didn’t hurt his Grandma’s feelings. Sometimes in life we have to do things we don’t particularly want to, in order to do what’s right. That’s Fish Soup for the Soul. Try some. It’ll stick to your ribs.

Say It Isn’t Sow

Okay, I get bored…a lot. So I decided to make this comic based on the little pig David used to draw with his signature. This first one wasn’t meant to be THAT funny. It’s main purpose was to set up the stories to come. If you click on it you’ll be able to see it full size. I’m not so good at this yet, but hey, I had fun. Hope you like it anyway. 🙂


My ODD Intervention

Hmm…time to poke fun at myself today. The following conversation is loosely based on an actual event that happened at my friend’s house last night….VERY loosely based, Haha!

“Todd, we think ODD is taking over your life. Your friends hardly get to see you… we need to talk.”

“Shhh! This is the part where he busts into his falsetto Woo-ooh-woos!”

“We’re seriously going to snatch your face off if we have to hear that SNIPPIT CD one more time. It’s really hard to have a conversation with some one who’s flailing their arms and Woo wooing.
You need intervention.”

“OMD! Haha! That’s awesome!
You’re joking right?”

“We’re seriously thinking about calling in Dr. Drew. You need celebrity rehab.”

Dr. Drew? Hmm… I wonder if he knows Oprah… Oh! I missed the last woo. That one’s my favorite. Dangit!”

“Todd, you’re in denial.”

“I’m in denial? De-Nile! De-NILE! Haha!”

“Todd, enough with the baby Moses impressions already, PLEASE get out of our laundry basket. And… what’s with the 11/11 tattoo?”

“Do you know people all over the Internet have reported seeing 11:11 on clocks everywhere for years! Now I know why! I think he’s trying to tell us something in ‘My Hands!!!!’
I heard it means you’re an ANGEL incarnate! SPAZ! SPAZ!”

“Sigh. Like today for instance. Remember when we went shopping? And we agreed to let you look through magazines, oh, like Tiger Beat to see if there were any articles about David?”

“Yeah? Haha.”

“Well, we didn’t know we were going to have to wait an extra half hour while you checked Good Housekeeping and Field & Stream.”

“OMD! That reminds me!
Have you guys heard David sing ‘A House Is Not A Home’ or ‘Nature Boy??? SPAZ!!'”


“See, I knew you guys we’re overreacting. I’m hungry. You hungry?
Who’s up for some Thai Food?”


A Day Off For A Change

I’m taking the day off from Fan Scene today to drive down to Sunrise, Florida with a friend to hear Barack Obama speak. I don’t normally attend political rallies but I want to see history in the making. Even if Obama doesn’t become our next president he’s still the first African American presidential nominee in our country’s history. Today he’s speaking at the Bank Atlantic Center, the same arena I saw David on the American Idol’s Tour.


Dream Meditations on the Archuleta Plateau

Last night I dreamed about David Archuleta. Now you’d think that after more than four years of running David’s Fan Sites I’d dream about him all the time, but I don’t. In fact this was only the third time.

The first time was back in 2005. Lupe called and offered to fly me out to Salt Lake City to see David perform at Abravanel Hall. I would’ve loved to have gone. But I’d invited friends from Illinois to come visit me here in Florida and I’d already bought their tickets and made arrangements. I couldn’t disappoint them. Besides, I was working for a non-profit organization and Abravanel Hall was a black tie affair. I couldn’t afford to rent a tux even if I could’ve gone. I had to decline an invitation from the Archuletas which would have been a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better.

That night I had my first dream: I was in the Archuleta’s house sitting around a coffee table playing Monopoly with the family. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. I didn’t even care that I was losing as usual. I’d brought my guitar and wanted to share a song with David that I’d written. I don’t remember anything else about the dream but that.

The second time I dreamed about David was when he was on American Idol. There was some concern on the message boards at the time that David didn’t really have his heart in the competition, that he wasn’t competitive enough to win. If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Princess Diaries,” there’s a scene where Mia’s friend Lilly is trying to convince her to accept her rightful title as the Princess of Genovia. Lilly tells Mia she’ll have a better platform from which to promote her charity/social causes once she becomes the Princess of Genovia. I’d been thinking about that a lot, so in my second dream David and I were outside of some school talking on the bleachers. Our conversation was straight out of that film.

The third dream, from last night, was the strangest of all. I was back living in the mid west but I was lost somewhere downtown. I saw what I thought was a familiar building and decided to go in for directions. I entered and walked down a flight of crumbling concrete steps to a record store in the basement. Strangely once I was inside the store, instead of getting help, I started asking if they had David’s new CD. The guy behind the counter said all they had was some promotional material and showed me a white CD he’d received that wasn’t available to the public. I asked him if I could at least see it. He handed it to me and I opened it. At first I thought there were no pictures, only words.

The inside cover reminded me of a couple of LP’s my older sister used to have in her collection. I don’t remember if it was the Beatles or Led Zeppelin, maybe both, that used to have – how do I explain this? – like a cardboard wheel attached to the cover that had various “windows” cut out. When you took your finger and turned the wheel you could see different parts of a background picture through the window. I took the unusual white CD in my hands and turned the wheel inside the cover, trying to get the full picture, one window at a time.

The background scene wasn’t at all like something I’d expected. It was a scene from the old children’s cartoon Pokemon and full of characters. I was trying to figure out the meaning, much like I did with my sister’s albums sitting on the floor of her bedroom when I was a kid, then the next thing I know a girl came out from the back of the store with something in her hand. She showed me a promotional poster they’d received and asked if I wanted it. I was excited and thanked her, then immediately started wondering if I could get David to sign it so I could give it away. I neatly rolled up the poster and headed back up the stairs and out of the store. Once outside I forgot all about trying to get home, thinking of nothing but the poster and the smile on the face of the person who would own it.

I woke up this morning wondering if all the time we put into Fan Scene is making any difference for anyone at all, or if it’s all just a dream.


Coming Soon...

Squiggly Pig

 ...a Cartoon of Enormous PIG-nificance!

23 Responses to “FISH SOUP FOR THE SOUL”

  1. THE PIG. I LOVE THE PIG. The Squiggly Pig. Ahhhh. And I think David’s CD should be like one of those LPs. That is pretty awesome. And of course all your hard work is making a difference. Every hit helps David in so many ways, and helps share his music with the woooorld.

  2. Seriously?

  3. […] A Cartoon of Enormous PIG-nificance…. […]

  4. Todd, Fan Scene IS SERIOUSLY making a huge difference for David and his fans. You’ve been supporting David Archuleta unconditionally all these years, even before many of us knew of his existence. You have the purest of motives – you sought to share the gift of David’s talent and character with the rest of the world, precious things that the world desperately needs. And you did it with much quiet aplomb and a remarkably unwavering determination that I can only look up to with deep respect but never able to emulate.

    I kindof understand the backbreaking work involved in maintaining a site. I’m absolutely sure David and his family deeply appreciate all that you’ve done and are doing. Fan Scene has made an entire world of difference for me. I mainly frequent only two sites everyday – FS and Team Archie; they are sufficient for me because they are run by individuals who love David tremendously and have his best interests at heart. I’m not implying anything bad about other fan sites – we all pay tribute to the same person. It’s just I simply feel most at home with TA and FS. These are two places where I can pour my heart out to do my tiny bit for David. If not for FS and TA, I don’t think I would still be here doing all I can to actively support David. To quote from my friend Hippiestofemall from TA, it’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters. And FS together with TA represent top-notch quality. In the words of another friend, Tes, we will be there (for David) till the last leaf falls.

    The world works in mysterious ways. We often do not taste the fruits of our labor for long periods of time. But I believe if we persevere over time, we will be richly blessed and strengthened by the experiences along our journey, and who knows what reward lies ahead? So hang in there, Todd!

    Cheryl, if you’re reading this, this is what I hope to tell you too. I miss you so much!

    Todd, I know I owe you a thousand and one things for Fan Scene, and I’d better get down to them before the huge looming deadline of D-Day on Nov 11.

    Aack! I’d better stop before turning this into an essay.

    ARCHU-HUGS to Todd, Cheryl and Orlando!

    Looking forward to Squiggly Pig with the curly pink tail!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement Amy & Larissa.

    I heard from Cheryl last week. She should be getting her computer soon. I don’t know if she’ll be coming back to Fan Scene.

    That squiggly Pig was drawn by David. I just colored him in. When David used to sign his autographs he’d draw that pig. 🙂

  6. I second Larissa’s comment! Especially the quiet aplomb bit. You barely even mention how long you’ve worked to help David; no boasting or bragging, when a lot of people in your shoes would be like, “HEY WORLD, GUESS WHAT! I KNEW ABOUT DAVID’S POTENTIAL LONG BEFORE YOU, NANNER NANNER BOO BOO.” You have the purest of intentions and it shows.

  7. Plus, I really enjoy this comment box. Have I ever told you? I feel so swanky typing in it. Like I’m saying something important.

  8. also, just so you know, you crack me and dana and sabrina up. you’re friggin hilarious and random. I AM JUST FULL OF TODD COMPLIMENTS TODAY. how rare of me to be nice!

  9. and i think that journey story is one of the funniest little david bits to ever be leaked. DAVID AT A JOURNEY CONCERT IS EPIC.

  10. Ahh your going to see Barack? I want to go tomorrow (he’ll be in the sarasota-tampa area) but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to skip school…plus we get our report cards that day. Oh well. Haha have fun 🙂

  11. Todd, I love you and I love FanScene. Seriously. Your site is amazing. You have David’s best interests at heart and you simply just want to share his gift and soul with the rest of the world. Your motives are pure and you have such a kind heart for working so hard to maintain this fansite for David. Fanscene is bringing new eyes and ears to Davidland every single day and that is huge.

    And like Amy said, you really do crack me up- all the time. You are quite the funny one. haha

  12. Oh, and I hope you had fun listening to Obama speak!

  13. I for one, would like to thank everyone for their comments. Just like Todd, I don’t go around bragging I did this, I’ve done that, etc. I believe, it should be the world united for a common cause, to support David and his music. Just like Todd, I been doing my best to support David and his music way before American Idol and going as far back as 2002/2003 during the era of Star Search.

    I first learned about David back in 2002 while looking for a background song for a website I was putting together dedicated to the events of 9/11 and I came across David’s video where he went to New York on the 2nd anniversary of 9/11 and sang ‘I will always love you” inside New York Fire Station 54 in Manhattan.

    Being in the field of Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services since I got out of high school in 1989. That act of kindness and compassion coming from an 11 year old, really touched home and I am sure all the firefighters and their families listening on that day felt the same way.

    Though I run a radio station myself and play music from major to independent artists, I will never forget that day back in 2002 and will forever support David and all of his future endevours.

    Todd and I have been friends for a long time and though we live only 45 mins apart and have kept in touch via email all these years, David’s AI Tour concert in Sunrise, FL was the first time Todd and I met face to face. It goes to show, that David’s music brings the world together.

    When Todd and Cheryl asked me to join them on Fan Scene, I couldn’t say no, so here I am.

    Well that is my two cents, and I bettre go before I keep rambling on and turn this into a novel, LOL

  14. Wow, I love all these comments. So much love is being showed to everyone. I too love this site and the way in which it is agenda…to simply enhance and promote one of the most genuine and kindest individuals..David James Archuleta..and it is no wonder that all the fans I have met have those same attributes. I feel honored to be a part of such an amazing and growing fan group.

  15. Awww, you guys. I’m sitting hear smiling ear to ear reading everyone’s comments. I REALLY appreciate them. I’ve met THE MOST AWESOME people (you guys!) running this site. Thank you!!!!

    I went to see Obama today. It was PACKED. We got there 2 1/2 hours before the doors opened at 4:30 and we were still in a line with at least a half mile of people ahead of us. We finally got inside around 6:30. I just now got home at 11:00 and I’m soooo tired!

    Talk to you guys tomorrow!!! 🙂

  16. Wow Orlando, I’ve never seen you so eloquent before (just kidding!). But seriously, it goes to show how much David really means to you. But I must give you a gentle *smack!* for only meeting Todd for the first time on the idol tour. LOL!

    Have a good rest, Todd.

  17. You had a dream did you? Wrll we all know what happens with that. But seriously, i will analyze this for you as only I can….I believe that the reason you had these is because you see Our David as an icon, not just a star… Stars crash and burn, falling from the sky quickly. This is also the reason that he didn’t win idol. If you notice all the winners seem to have gone away from the public eye and lost their charmed status. I think your dreams may be prophecy’s…..Can’t wait for the pig!

  18. Todd, I think we ALL appreciate you more than you know!!! Thanks for all your hard work, for your kindness and dedication, and for your pure intentions. I think this sight is awesome!!!!! You are the best! I for one LOVE this site!

  19. Thank you, Charlyn! 🙂

  20. Oh my gosh, Todd. I am dying here. AHAHAHAHA. You sound like me and Dana, actually. Oh dear. I think the entire fanbase might need psychological help.

  21. Goodness, Todd. That was hilarious, I’m laughing so hard right now. Maybe because I can relate so well and that’s slightly scary! hahahaha

  22. AHAHAHAHAH, TODD, OMG. WHY MUST THE SQUIGGLY PIG HATE ME? ahahahahaha, oh man, i am rofling.

  23. He’s just being elusive, it’s nothing personal, lol. 🙂

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