We welcome you to visit our new website at that is the new link for Archuleta Fan Scene

For more information about Team Archie Promotions, select the area to learn more about:

For more fun with Team Archie, visit our other sites:

Rotating graphics by Team Archie members Rabid, –bianca, FSteven, and



  1. […] Check out Team Archie’s new promo page on Archuleta Fan Scene! […]

  2. This is so cool! Thank You So Much, Todd and Orlando, for publicizing Team Archie promotions at your respective sites – Fan Scene and FHR Radio. And Bianca, I’m loving that flash effect for the promo ads! Thanks for all the hard work!

    Just an idea that just popped up in my head. Is it okay to also put up the gifting canpaign promo audio prepared by FHR Radio on this page? I think it will make a nice complement to the ads.

  3. wow, looks pretty cool! Thanks a bunch!!!!! To everyone involved with this page, Great job guys!!!! THANK YOU!

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